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If you're a scaleup in need of support; a local leader wanting to improve the local economy; or have something to contribute to both -- please reach out to us.

In Kansas City and elsewhere, there are several programs designed to help startup companies. However, for organizations that have passed the startup phase, the options are very limited particularly for middle-market, high-potential firms with revenues of $5 million - $100 million.  Yet these firms have the best chance to scale 3x - 10x (and beyond) and to contribute significant growth to local economies.

Most cities have robust startup eco-systems. Currently, the international focus is pivoting to create complementary scaleup eco-systems for middle-market companies.  Ultimately, it is the successful startups that scaleup into large, vibrant companies which drive economies.

The startup movement tends to measure its success by the sheer volume of potential entrepreneurs participating in various business formation and accelerator activities.  In turn, the ScaleUpU initiative is highly selective in identifying a limited number of high potential “gazelles” and focusing the city’s resources and efforts to help them significantly scaleup their businesses. The goal is to generate significant wealth for the companies and the local community which suggests that both contribute to the initiative.

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